TECHNOCENTER Ltd.                    

TECHNOCENTER Ltd. offers high quality industrial transmission parts. Our aim is a complex service to our clients in the following fields:

1. Industrial belts:

- V-belts – notched and classical section V-belts of all profiles
- variable speed drive V-belts
- micro-V belts – sections PH ; PJ ; PL ; PM
- polyurethane V-belts – single (3M; 5M; 7M; 11M) and multiribbed (JB 5M;JB7M; JB 11M)
- flat belts – endless
- timing belts – classical tooth MXL; XL; L; H; XH; XXH
- high torque – HTD; GT3 – 3MGT, 5MGT, 8MGT, 14 MGT
- extreme torque(roller chain replacement) – PC2 8MGT ; PC2 14MGT
- polyurethane synchronous belts - T 2.5; T5; T10; AT5; AT10; AT20
- double sided timing belts
- open end timing belts for linear motion
- belt drive alignment and tension measurement tools

2. Belt pulleys

- for V-belts – with bore for taper bush and solid hub types
- for flat belts
- for micro-V belts
- for timing belts - with bore for taper bush and with leading bore
- taper bushes for belt pulleys

3. Rolling bearings

4. Shaft seals


Our partners are well known European and Japanese manufacturers of high quality products and long experience in the European and world market. Their quality has been proven by a row of certificates issued by credential laboratories.

TECHNOCENTER Ltd. is an authorized distributor for Bulgaria of GATES - world leading belts manufacturer for atomotive and industrial application.

Our company is also representative to:

- IPL Transmission – Denmark – high quality belt pulleys
- NTN Walzlager (Europa) GmbH - high quality bearings
- HUTCHINSON – France – micro-V belts, seals etc.

Technocenter owns wharehouse area of 1900 sq.m in Rousse, Bulgaria.

Technocenter Ltd.
Svetoslav Kalchishkov